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No matter the final outcome, reporting increases the likelihood that the perpetrator will face consequences.There are opportunities to explore your pursuit for justice beyond the criminal justice system.

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Many sexual assault cases are resolved through a plea bargain.

A plea bargain an agreement between the prosecutor and perpetrator’s representative, in which the perpetrator agrees to plead guilty to a crime in return for a reduction in penalty, such as a lighter sentence.

Linda Vester had a reputation for covering tough stories.

As a war correspondent for NBC News in the ’90s, she spent three tours of duty in the Middle East and took two assignments in Africa.

Two friends who Vester told at the time corroborated her story with In a statement from him supplied by a NBC News spokesman, Brokaw said of the allegations, “I met with Linda Vester on two occasions, both at her request, 23 years ago because she wanted advice with respect to her career at NBC.

The meetings were brief, cordial and appropriate, and despite Linda’s allegations, I made no romantic overtures towards her at that time or any other.” Vester, who was 28 at the time of the alleged incident, says she didn’t report Brokaw’s conduct to the police or NBC human resources because she was scared it would end her career.

The prosecutor can also file legal motions to try to protect the victim from having to disclose other personal information.

All states have their own rules and resources for protecting participants in a trial.

She left NBC in 1999 and went on to anchor her own show on Fox News through 2006.

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