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Think of it as sort of a guest house with lots of high-tech medical extras.MEDCottages are pre-fabricated and designed to be installed in the backyard behind the main home (zoning laws permitting, of course).

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AARP estimates that about 23 million Americans take care of their elderly parents.

Most are also convinced that they were fully awake at the time.

Birch's report matches this phenomenon, and she is hardly the first to succumb to it: This phenomenon is probably the root of the succubus, a sensual demonic she-demon of medieval lore that sexually attacks men as they sleep.

Doris Birch, a grandmother in Herne Bay, England, told This Is uk, "It's like an octopus. I was lying in bed when I felt this creepy pair of hands. Next time it came I hurled the duvet onto the floor! Thinking that her experience was perhaps being caused by her bedding, Birch tried sleeping without the duvet, and even replaced her mattress. A blogger for the Huffington Post, Alexandra Holzer, suggested that the best way to investigate Birch's odd phenomenon is with a psychic ghost buster and a close look at the history of the home.

Holzer suggested that Birch was being plagued by the ghost of a sexual pervert who may have assaulted other women in years past; even death could not stop this serial groper, and his spirit is still getting thrills from touching this grandmother as she sleeps.The "attacks" are the result of ordinary brain functions, the form and specifics of the attacks are shaped by the victims’ belief system.This psychological — as opposed to paranormal — explanation also answers two other aspects of Birch's experience.MEDCottages have gotten mixed reviews, with some noting that the dwellings could cause problems with neighbors or be seen as putting an aging parent "in storage," but others find that it's a practical luxury to have mom close by in a cozy cottage. A British woman claims she has been touched and groped by an unseen presence at night and suspects her assailant is a perverted poltergeist.But when it comes to finding a place for mom and dad to live during their golden years, nursing homes might not make the most sense from a financial standpoint in the long run—plus, letting an aging parent live alone may cause anxiety and guilt for some families.

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