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During the morning they were seen on their usual spots: Stelco, BDC and Sheraton.

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One seemed to have a meal in his talons and it was at the nest at , the parent that was in the nest left.

When I left one chick was on Standard Life and two others on Stelco.

A gull was seen dive bombing the chick, but fortunately that didn't last long.

A pigeon also appeared on the roof with the chicks!

The one with food ate on top of City Hall, while the other perched close by for a few minutes and then flew towards Homewood and then east.

Upon arriving at 9am today, I spotted a chick on the NW corner of Stelco. The falcons also spent some time on the BDC and Homewood today.One of the chicks was eating and the other was perched close by.Three little birds were observed approaching the two chicks on the SE side, and one was seen dive bombing the chick with the food for twenty minutes or so!The other two chicks were resting on a west side window ledge of Stelco and I also saw a meal on the ledge.One of the chicks on the Stelco window ledge flew off the ledge and circled the building, landing on the SW corner.The chick without food took off, followed by Ainslie.

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