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For example, the following elements should be assessed when grantees want to address ARA: willingness to accept a new ARA prevention approach, the buy-in of key leaders, the buy-in of staff, and a favorable history with similar efforts (e.g., previous project success).An implementation plan is always an important first step.It is not a legally binding document, but helps both parties understand their roles and commitments.

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Drafting a written implementation plan or revising an existing implementation plan can help ensure that all stakeholders (including the FYSB project officer) are informed about selected activities and the rationale for the planned approach.

Implementation plans are best developed at the beginning of the process, even if all details are not clear yet; the implementation plan may include information about involving a partner organization with expertise to help with further planning.

The appendix offers Additional Resources, which grantees can use for reference and to enhance their staff’s knowledge about ARA.

Successfully incorporating ARA prevention into APP programming will largely depend on the readiness of the grantee organization (and sub-awardee organizations).

This toolkit also provides guidance for grantees about selecting from the available tools and ensuring high-quality implementation of ARA prevention approaches.

Different tools may be useful for grantees at different stages of their project and for grantees with different goals and levels of funding.

This toolkit is designed to guide grantees who want to incorporate ARA prevention into their programming through this process from start to finish. Grantees will find information on developing a project plan, strengthening partnerships with relevant organizations, and developing policies and procedures related to ARA prevention and response.

The second section, Selection and Adaptation of Materials, provides tools and practical guidance about selecting materials, including specific lessons and multi-session curricula, to address ARA.

Grantees working with partners should make an effort to learn from partners about not only the impact of ARA in their communities, but also the intervention and prevention systems in place.

When grantees and their partners begin planning joint activities that have agreed upon objectives, the relationship can be formalized through a written document such as a letter of support, Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), or contract.

Strategies for selecting materials, as well as guidance about making adaptations to existing APP programs or selected ARA prevention materials to best meet project needs, are also included.

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