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As she removes a bullet from her abdomen after a failed operation, she explains why she left medical school, remarking ironically that she was "better at killing people than fixing them." In actuality, Shaw completed medical school and had begun her residency, where she was praised for her technical skills, but came under criticism for her lack of concern for whether her patients lived or died. During her earliest activities with ISA and the beginnings of Catalyst Indigo, she was tasked with intercepting and killing those responsible for a laptop belonging to a runaway programmer named Daniel Casey.Among those killed were Chinese buyers of the laptop as well as Rick Dillinger, the man who sold it to them.

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This results in a huge diversity of causes supported: In 2013, we split up over $700,000 between 20 charities--from the Harry Potter Alliance to Save the Children.

Hank and I in particular are passionate about global health, poverty, and education. We just don't have the infrastructure at the moment to sort and reply to large volumes of mail (or even small volumes of mail, come to think of it).

Before she can react, Root, who has been masquerading as Veronica, tases Shaw and ties her to a chair, threatening her with torture to get information about the name of the man who hired Aquino.

Before Root can learn anything, Wilson's men arrive forcing Root to run. Reese arrives and rescues her before taking her to meet Finch.

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Sameen Shaw or simply Shaw, is a physician and a former operative for the U. Little is known about her childhood, but she was a resident in a teaching hospital before leaving medicine to join the U. Shaw has what she describes as an Axis II Personality Disorder, which she diagnosed herself. Prior to joining the team Shaw was part of an operation known as Catalyst Indigo, responsible for acting on relevant list intelligence delivered by the Machine, which she knew only as "Research". On October 2, 1988, she traveled with her father on a road trip to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.She has little concern for her victims, along with a flat affect and few demonstrable emotions.Shaw enters their apartment, where she single-handedly kills the group before blowing up the apartment in order to cover her tracks.Mission completed, she and Cole are sent to New York by Control, the mysterious head of the Program.FAQ Can you say Happy Birthday to my friend for me / propose to my girlfriend / ask a girl to prom / tell my mom she's great? The vlogbrothers channel is not an attempt to be an encyclopedic examination of the universe. Again, there are many worthy causes, and we can only discuss and support a few of them.

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