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I did enjoy this novel, but I can’t help wish that somehow more focus was put on the idea that Riordan was trapped in a life that began under the threat of blackmail.

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Teddy Harris is a professional hugger, giving care and comfort to everyone from motherless babies in the hospital to grieving widows.

He is a nurturer who enjoys interacting with people who are in need.

When professional hugger and TLC provider, Teddy Harris, is offered a month-long companionship contract, he’s hard pressed to turn it down.

Cuddler by day and a video game reviewer by night, Teddy’s need to make people feel loved and cared for is what drives him.

I grappled with how Teddy seemed to readily accept Riordan’s occupation.

I get that he killed really nasty bad guys, but until two innocent lives were involved, he seemed to take it in stride.That really gave me pause on more than one occasion while reading this book.However, there was no denying the incredible chemistry between these two guys, and that is a sure sign this author knows how to write romance.When his services are gifted to Riordan, he reluctantly takes the job, thinking the man is a government operative who cannot speak of his job.While the two get off to a rocky start, a certain chemistry develops and, despite his attempting to keep their interactions professional, Teddy becomes physically involved with Riordan only to have an emotional attachment develop soon after.This is important to note, because it definitely impacted my response to the idea that Teddy could fall in love with an assassin who was known for some very violent behavior when it came to taking a trophy from each of his kills.

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