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With a background of twenty years in agricultural sales, a competitor in the judging of livestock and meat, winner of many blue ribbons at State and County Fairs all over the country for prize hereford, angus and shorthorn cattle, including several Grand Champions, Bob brings a true conservationist attitude to his position.

"When we find these people we request bids for their work, and, if in some cases they don't receive contracts, due to high bidding, which is natural in the case of many small contractors, we go over their contracts to help them understand details in, good prices in the submission of bids.

We continue to request and encourage them to bid competitively on NAL contracts.

What legacy will NAL leave for those who come to the area in another hundred years?

Will the 200 Be V Accelerator, or a 500 Be V Accelerator, for which there is room for expansion, be as obsolete as the Indian arrowheads are today?

One of the men responsible for carrying out the Laboratory's plans for preserving the natural resources of the Laboratory site is Robert L.

Hines, NAL's Farm Manager, a former resident of Iowa, having received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Animal Science and an associate degree in Pre-Veterinary Medicine.

So, the man behind the desk is not behind that desk very much. While he's turning the building of the accelerator into the building of people too, his job takes him many places.

"Even though we search for minority contractors with the thought of promoting good human relations, we do keep good business in mind too so we can keep costs within reason for this project," says Williams.

Members of these minority companies discuss potential contracts with our engineering staff while they are here and have been briefed on submission of bids with our purchasing administrative section.

''We have to open some doors for the people who have been victims of discrimination in many forms.

"Everybody goes around in circles about the subjects of rights, minority groups and human relations," says Williams, who has the feeling that if anyone can tangibly help solve some of these problems, it will be industry.

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