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If experimenters reach out to the original researchers for help, they risk appearing incompetent or accusatory, or revealing too much about their own projects.

A minority of respondents reported ever having tried to publish a replication study.

The lab decided to take some time off from new questions to repeat published work, and this revealed that lab protocols had gradually diverged.

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He was pleasantly surprised when the paper was accepted 3.

The reason, he thinks, is because it offered a workaround for the problem.

By contrast, he says, work refuting the efficacy of a compound to treat Chagas disease was quickly accepted 4.

One-third of respondents said that their labs had taken concrete steps to improve reproducibility within the past five years.

But those tasks quickly become just part of the job.

One of the best-publicized approaches to boosting reproducibility is pre-registration, where scientists submit hypotheses and plans for data analysis to a third party before performing experiments, to prevent cherry-picking statistically significant results later. One who did was Hanne Watkins, a graduate student studying moral decision-making at the University of Melbourne in Australia.

Acceptance was more common than persistent rejection: only 12% reported being unable to publish successful attempts to reproduce others' work; 10% reported being unable to publish unsuccessful attempts.

Survey respondent Abraham Al-Ahmad at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in Amarillo expected a "cold and dry rejection" when he submitted a manuscript explaining why a stem-cell technique had stopped working in his hands.

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