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Ted is a 2012 American comedy film directed by Seth Mac Farlane and written by Mac Farlane, Alec Sulkin, and Wellesley Wild.

The wish coincides with a shooting star and comes true; word spread and Ted was briefly a celebrity.

27 years later, John (now 35) and Ted are still living in Boston, and are still staunch companions enjoying a hedonistic life.

Fortunately, Ted is magically restored and reconciles with John and Lori, encouraging them to resume their relationship.

John and Lori are married (with Sam Jones as the presiding minister), and Ted comfortably accepts having a life of his own as he and Tami-Lynn continued their love affair.

In a "behind the scenes" video, it was revealed that Mac Farlane originally wanted to make Ted into an animated TV show, much like his previous works Family Guy, American Dad! Originally, 20th Century Fox was offered to finance and distribute the movie, given its collaboration with Mac Farlane for shows like Family Guy, American Dad! However, Mac Farlane wanted a $65 million budget for the movie, which Fox considered the price to be too high for the R-rated comedy film, let alone for a first-time director, and was skeptical about the film's future success owing to its R-rating.

Subsequently, Fox backed out and Mac Farlane began to take the project somewhere else.John is dating Lori Collins, who is from Philadelphia.As their anniversary approaches, Lori hopes to marry John but feels he could not move forward with Ted around.Lori learns that John has been skipping work, using her as an excuse, to continue to spend most of his time with Ted.John and Lori are invited to a party put on by Lori's womanizing manager Rex, but Ted lures John away to a party at his apartment with the offer to meet Sam J.Donny gets arrested by the Boston Police Department for kidnapping Ted, but charges are dropped when they realize kidnapping a stuffed bear is not a crime.

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