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Ammattitaidolla valitut rypäleet tuovat viiniin raikkautta ja harmonista kukkaisuutta.

Kotoa löytyy kaikkea pientä: koruja, pieniä aarteita, muistoja, kauniita esineitä, koristeita ja myös käyttötarvikkeita, jotka irrallaan ollessaan aiheuttavat aikamoisen kaaoksen.

Martinexin valikoimista löydät varmasti juuri sinun tyyliisi sopivat purkit ja rasiat, joihin voit siististi tallettaa pikkuesineet – ja samalla sisustaa juuri sinulle sopivalla kuosilla. Valittavana on keittiöpurkkeja, joista suurimmassa osassa kahvipurkkeja on hermeettinen kansi, joka pitää kahvin varmasti ilmatiiviissä säilössä.

Retiring in Romania might not be even a possible option for now for you – after all, it’s a poor Eastern European country where people are killed in broad daylight, clans of gypsies rule the cities and you can’t find drinking water anywhere. that’s really not the case, as we’ll see in today’s article which tackles a topic you might have not thought too much about: retire in Romania! Compared to Europe, the US, Canada and Australia, Romania is very cheap. If you don’t want to live in Bucharest (the capital), then you can buy a one room apartment for as low as $33,000. I, for example, live in one of the most underrated cities in Romania and everything is withing walking distance. Mostly based on pork (beef is rarely consumed here), Romanian food is really delicious and extremely easy to prepare. And I’m not talking here about cheap girls who like foreigner males from pretty obvious reasons. The Romanian villages are as raw as possible as technology hasn’t made it’s way there completely.

I will try to keep this list as up to date as possible (with answers to any possible questions that arise), but for now here are my Pros and Cons for retiring in Romania. You can see my cost of living details here, as well as my Cost of Living in Romania in 2013 article to get a better view of pricing. Rent for something similar would go as low as $200 per month. We only drive about twice per month to stock up on groceries from one of the multiple hypermarkets available here. Not the healthiest in the world, but it sure tastes good and the shopping basket won’t ruin your budget. I’m talking about your regular Romanian who would be extremely pleased to meet a foreigner. We have 7 Unesco World Heritage sites, the best preserved delta in Europe, the largest rock sculpture in Europe (a 20 minutes ride from my city, so make sure to leave a sign if you visit) and much, much more. Although you’ll find the “health” part at the cons below, private health care is really cheap here. In most of the cities (except for Bucharest and other few big cities like Cluj, Timisoara, Iasi), everything happens at a slower pace.

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Erilaiset lasirasiat puolestaan hurmaavat muodoillaan ja leikkauksillaan, ja ovat monikäyttöisiä sopien kahvipöydästä koruille ja sisustuselementeiksi. Peltirasioiden lisäksi Martinex luottaa klassisen pelkistettyihin, keraamisiin mustiin ja valkoisiin purkkeihin.

Purkkeja on valittavana puukansilla, korkkikansilla ja myös keraamisilla kansilla.

Asiakasomistajaviinit S-Etukortilla alkaen 21,90 € (norm. Hardys Stamp Shiraz on valintasi, kun haluat loistavan seuralaisen grillatuille liharuoille ja tomaattipohjaisille pastaruoille.

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