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So if you want to optimize how those precious locks look, you need to choose your hair product wisely.

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And if you thought it was, listen up because it doesn’t get more granddaddy than pomade. Pomade is a greasy or waxy substance used to style hair with a wet, shiny and slick look.

Let’s take a 20 and learn some history (we’re geeks like that): the name “pomade” is derived from the French word century.

Remember when the High Top Fade was in and hair styling products used to be just gel, mousse and hairspray?

Times have changed for the better…at least when it comes to hairstyles.

And besides completing your dapper look, there is another reason – yes, you guessed it…the opposite sex cares.

According to a recent survey of young women in their early 20s, 3 out 4 said that a man’s hairstyle can be a strong indicator of dating potential upon first impression. Don’t leave this page just yet and start Googling “David Beckam’s hair” or “Best Men’s Hair Styling Products” to stock up on the latest designer waxes in order to raise your dating points.And we all have that one friend or co-worker whose appearance always seems to bring to mind a single thought, “dude REALLLYY needs a haircut”. What’s worse, choosing the wrong product for your hair can even be damaging to your hair.For example, using an ultra-strong hold product on very fine, thin hair will not only weigh down the hair but may also damage it. Once you dive deep into the rabbit hole of hair styling products, you’ll realize that the sheer number of products and interchangeable terms will make it seem like the hair industry is playing one big marketing ploy on us.This makes it the perfect candidate for those messy, tousled hairstyles.Use Tip: Rub a small amount on your palm and apply to damp-to-close-to-dry hair.Now, regardless of whether or not you want to pay homage to Vanilla Ice, there are a plethora of hair products ranging from the ol’ faithful gel to things like pastes, clay to pomade.

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