Korean and chinese dating

That’s according to Dr Song Li, founder of Zhenai.com, one of China’s biggest matchmaking sites – who apologises if his findings may not seem “politically correct”. Professors at the University of Hong Kong or a university in the UK or US might be interested in using our data to study the psychology of love,” says Li, who has the infectious enthusiasm and quirky personality commonly seen among bona fide serial entrepreneurs.“I’d love it if our data could contribute to society.” He’s not kidding about the volume of data.

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says it has 120 million registered users, and new users join the dating platform at a rate of 40,000 to 50,000 a day.

Born in a suburb of Shanghai, Li trained as a molecular biologist at Cornell University in the US and, after realising he wasn’t suited to fiddling with Petri dishes in a lab, switched to Columbia University, where he earned a Ph D in finance.

At the end of the ceremony, there’s a part where the man has to show his ability to carry forward the life of his bride.

So, he’s supposed to literally pick up his bride and carry her around.

Le’s a sociology professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Le says that creates what he calls a “cultural penalty” in the dating world.

He likes to point out that concept of “Asian American” as a singular group is a uniquely American one.

Yang says Asian-American identity usually starts in college, where many Asians – he jokingly refers to the University of California schools as the Historically Asian colleges – tend to congregate.

“So they’ve always been like, you know have to date and marry a Chinese Asian girl.

They pretty much said, ' Norm, if you don’t give me Chinese grandchildren, we will be very sad and we will be unhappy with you'.”Norm sort of listens.

He says he’s really only ever been attracted to women of East Asian descent, so that’s who he dates – even women who aren’t Chinese.

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