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The conclusion is to let it die down and please do not repeat again."Charmaine is still at Shanghai when she accepted the long distance call from reporter: "I am good friends with Kevin and Ron, we often have chance to work together, having meals together. I will not start avoiding anyone and I look forward for working collaboration in the future.

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I don't feel this from Kevin."The 'leading actress' Charmaine Sheh breaks her silence and replied for the first time: "I can tell you that I don't have boyfriend at the moment!

I am good friends with Kevin and Ron Ng, three of us are TVB managed therefore we often have chance to meet.

I also know that they don't have girlfriend." When asked if she will avoid meeting them, Charmaine indicate that she won't and praised both of them: "They are really good guys.

Ron keep things to himself and doesn't reply (to the reporter) most of the time, therefore he kept being accused.

The article is not entirely reliable, since reporters tend to add salt and vinegar to spice up their article.

If you wish to re-post, please do so with care.[Kevin-Charmaine love] is currently the hot topic and 'leading actor' Kevin Cheng are accused of two-timing.

Whether they have chances to develop further, he smiles and said: "Any single ladies out there have chances."Ron Ng commented: "The previous rumors about me and Charmaine is absurd enough, and now it's evolved to multi-triangle relationship.

Now is my golden period to work, I do not wish for further rumors and I don't care how other used it as publicity. Though both of them are good guys, we are only good friends.

I hope everyone is happy, especially the reporters who could have ruined her holiday and the atmosphere of her younger brother's wedding in Shanghai. The rumor was blown out of proportion by haters and insecure Kevin-Niki's fans, who started to flame Kevin and accuse Charmaine of nonsense in forums, especially in Kevin's Baidu Forum.

Of course there are also true Kevin fans that stands to the test by having commonsense and sticking to Kevin.

A filming crew exposed that Kevin has been calling and sending SMS to Niki Chow in hope of saving their relationship.

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