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The marriage rituals conclude with garlanding each other and taking pheras around Kalyan mandap.After these rituals groom gifts, a traditional saree to the bride which is known as Mundu and then the bride needs to be dressed in it at the time of her departure to new home. Kerala Hindu Post-Wedding Rituals It includes welcoming of the bride by her mother in law by performing aarthi of the couple.

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On her arrival, the best man of groom welcomes her with a bouquet of flowers.

Then the couple walks down and enters the church together.

Haldi ceremony: In some places of Kerala state, the Syriac Christian community also follows the haldi ceremony.

It includes the application of turmeric and sandalwood paste to both bride and groom. Kerala Christian Wedding-Day Rituals Holy wedding: On the wedding day, the groom invites bride for the wedding by sending a car to pick her up for the wedding venue.

If the compatibility of horoscope matches then boy family visits the girl place to see her and fix auspicious date called 'Muhurtham' for engagement and Thalliketu (tying of nuptial knot).

This date is fixed by family priest and both the family announces it to their close relatives.

Prayers were continued to be conducted for the couple three consecutive Sundays after the engagement.

This is known as 'Manasamatham' in local language Bachelors & Hens party: both bride and groom celebrate the last day of their Bachelorhood through a party with his friends and family members, this is known as bachelor's party in case of groom whereas Hens party in case of the bride.

Let's have a closer look at different flavors of Kerala matrimonial ceremonies.

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