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Smaller screens were added in the 1970s and again in the 1990s but the main auditorium had 70mm capability and was the first THX theater in Phoenix.

Both sides swear that they will fight to defend their homes.

The Romani King waits for nightfall, then daringly runs through the village, stating that he does not care about being on the outskirts of society because he finds their games amusing to watch ("Outside Lookin' In").

One prerecorded video segment, for the song "Stand and Deliver", is shown on the back wall of the stage to depict the events described in the song, which would be difficult to stage live.

As with Celtic Thunder's other filmed events, Storm has aired on PBS in a slightly edited form.

De 2.0 TSI 4Motion met 162k W/220pk staat vanaf € 54.951* op de prijslijst.

This multiplex was originally a large single screen FOX theater that was opened in 1967.

De extra ruime Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace – 21 centimeter langer dan de reguliere Tiguan – was in eerste instantie te bestellen met de 1.4 TSI benzinemotor met 110 k W/150 pk en met een aantal 2.0 TDI dieselmotoren (vermogens van 110 k W/150 pk tot 167 k W/240 pk).

De nieuwe 2.0 TSI benzine-uitvoeringen met standaard 4MOTION vierwielaandrijving ronden het benzinemotorgamma nu naar boven af.

Although she dutifully dances with the man her father prefers, she flirts openly with one of the other villagers (Neil Byrne), hinting that her affections may be otherwise given.

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