Kazunari dating

Some rumors of people close to them, also come out every year, saying they have broke up and others saying they are still going on strong.

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Ito was wearing a mask and was sitting in the front passenger seat.

He left the car and 20’ later Ito was leaving the car to the airport hotel.

The car made a stop at the gas station, he brought two bottles of tea and handled one to Ito, who was in the back seat.

When they arrived at the airport, they stoped at the parking place talking.

Minami Sayaka is 30 and has no experience with men as a result of her one-sided love for childhood friend Sagisawa Ryosuke for 15 years.

Even so she continues to refuse getting into a romance.

Since is a sensitive topic in the fandom, the magazine assures the sales and the Jimusho assures the viewers ratings for the new dorama. (BLOG’ AUTHOR NOTE: I was reticent to publish again about Nino’ love life, but this time the rumor has photos.

Please post pictures from weekly magazines of the celebrity scandals that have shocked you the most!

Ninomiya drove the car to his apparment where he lives almost in cohabitation with Ito.

The fans belive this is other “advertisement” about his new tbs drama.

This time the fans are relived she quit the entertaiment industry and are expecting the marriage annuncement of Ninomiya and Ito.

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