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I wonder if she still brings that up to rub it in her face? She played Jo Taylor for three years in her aforementioned role on Nickelodeon's 'Big Time Rush,' as well as had a couple reoccurring roles in the ABC comedy drama, 'No Ordinary Family,' and the ABC Family teen drama, 'The Secret Life of the American Teenager.' Eventually, however, music found its way back into Tarver's sights, and she released her most recent EP, , independently in 2011.

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Currently, Tarver is married to David Blaise, a musical artist.

She shared, “You can expect to see Kendall and Jo’s relationship develop a bit more.

Second, honestly ask yourself if you like this person for who they are right now.

Not after they’ve changed into who you want them to be, but for who they are today. Do you feel like they like the parts of you that you like? I’m definitely no expert, but I think these are helpful guidelines for gauging if it’s worth wading through the hard stuff.

She grew up with her siblings Drew, Jake, and Amanda.

Katelyn used to live with her mother where she recorded numbers of songs for her album.

I like to share those parts of myself, so I l feel loved when I’m given that in return.

Which naturally leads into how I best like to show love to others.

Katelyn Tarver has worked on some of the most famous shows including American Juniors, The In Crowd, Big Time Rush, No Ordinary Family, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, and Dead on Campus.

She is often a topic of gossips due to the numerous love affairs.

On July 19, former 'Big Time Rush' star Katelyn Tarver got married to her fiance David Blaise in front of a crowd filled with family, friends, and some stars, too.

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