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Bombed Tokyo, landed 40 mi N of Vladivostok Apr 18, 1942. Has now been moved to and is fully assembled at the Smithsonian's Steven F. 86295 (307th BW, 372nd BS) damaged by Mi Gs and landed at K-14 Oct 23, 1951. 86327 (98th BG, 343rd BS) shot down Jun 1, 1951, North Korea 86328 (19th BW, 28th BS) crashed on takeoff from Kadena AB, Okinawa Sep 15, 1950. Stripped of parts and used for a major rescue training exercise at Bermuda Mar 21, 1949 when floated out into Castle Harbour to simulate a ditched aircraft. 86343 (307th BW, 371st BS) shot down by AAA Sep 13, 1952 over Suiho Hydroelectric Plant, Korea.2244 (MSN 62B-2913) W/o Mar 19, 1942 at Miami, FL 2245 to Brazil 2247 (17th BG, 37th BS, "The Avenger") was Doolittle raider. SOC Aug 23, 1945 2321 (MSN 62B-2990) W/o May 1, 1942 at Biggs Field, TX 2322 to RAF as FK172. SOC Aug 23, 1945 2324 (MSN 62B-2993) W/o Dec 22, 1941 at Biggs Field, TX 2325 (MSN 62B-2994) W/o Dec 21, 1941 at Biggs Field, TX 2326 to RAF as FK181. Damaged beyond repair Oct 15, 1943 2328 to RAF as FK166. (98th BW, 343rd BS) damaged by Mi Gs Oct 24, 1951, recovered at Yokota AB. Reported late 1946/early 1947 at Roswell Army Air Force Base, NM, as operational. 86361 (92nd BG, 326th BS, "Lonesome Polecat") transferred to 98th BG.However it's not as commonly used when compared to other countries.

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Pilot killed 7136 condemned Jun 17, 1942 7137 MIA Jun 26, 1942 7138 condemned Oct 31, 1944 7139 condemned Oct 31, 1944 7140 condemned Oct 31, 1944 7141 to RAAF as A53-7. Surveyed in USA May 22, 1944 7142 spun in and crashed at Harding Field, LA May 23, 1942. (98th BW, 345th BS) shot down by Mi Gs near Cho-do, North Korea Nov 19, 1952. both later converted to YKB-29J 86400 (98th BW) damaged by AAA Mar 1, 1951. 86401 To the Sacramento Air Material Center, Sacramento, CA, 1947 for Project DOM-515 Saddleback conversion for the carriage of atomic weapons 86402 used as mothership for X-7/XQ-5 programs.

Pilot killed 7143 (MSN 15B-28) W/o 23Aug 1943 at Thomasville, GA, surveyed at Dale Mabry Field, FL Aug 24, 1943 7144 (MSN 15B-29) W/o 21Oct 1942 at Cross City AAB, FL, to reclamation at Brookley Field May 7, 1945 7145 condemned Oct 31, 1944 7146 (MSN 15B-31) W/o 8Nov 1942 at Salinas, CA, to CL-26 at Salanis AB, CA Dec 16, 1942 7147 wrecked at Detroit, MI Sep 1, 1943. Reported early 1970s to be at Aircraft Industries Museum, Louisville, KY 86408 used to collect radioactive samples during postwar atomic tests.. 86415 (98th BW, 343rd BS) ditched in Sea of Japan after leaflet dropping mission Sep 19, 1951. 44-86473 Martin-Omaha B-29-60-MO Superfortress 86430 to the Martin Modification Center, Omaha, NB, for Code Silverplate conversion for the carriage of atomic weapons.

2251 damaged Oct 16, 1941 in landing at Patterson Field, Ohio 2253 (MSN 62B-2922) W/o Feb 3, 1942 at Pendleton Field, OR 2254 (MSN 62B-2923) W/o Mar 10, 1942 at Ellington Field, TX 2255 to Brazil 2256 (MSN 62B-2925) Lend-Lease to USSR 2257 (MSN 62B-2926) Lend-Lease to USSR 2259 (MSN 62B-2928) W/o Nov 6, 1941 at Daniel Field, GA 2260 (MSN 62B-2929) Lend-Lease to USSR 2261 (17th BG, 95th BS, "Ruptured Duck") was Doolittle raider. One crewman killed landing in parachute Apr 18, 1942 2271 (MSN 62B-2940) W/o Jul 8, 1942 at Wilson Mills, NC 2272 damaged Aug 13, 1943 in taxi accident at Palacios, Texas 2274 damaged Feb 18, 1943 in landing at Westover Field, Massachusetts 2276 (MSN 62B-2945) redesignated RB-25B Oct 22, 1942. 2306 to Brazil 2308 (MSN 62B-2977) W/o Jun 7, 1942 at Florence Field, SC 2309 to Brazil 2310 to Brazil 2313 to RAF as FK163. SOC Aug 23, 1945 2333 (MSN 62B-3002) W/o Mar 16, 1942 at Westover Field, MA 2335 (MSN 62B-3004) W/o Dec 10, 1943 at Bolling Field, DC 2336 to RAF as FK177. Reported 1989 in storage at Aero Trader, Chino, CA. 41-003 Boeing XB-29 Superfortress MSN 2482, 2481 002 first flight Sep 21, 1942. 003 crashed into Frye slaughterhouse and meat processsing plant in Seattle Feb 18, 1943 after inflight fire. Now on FAA records as N4988T 72707 (MSN 10812) to US Navy as Bu No 56520 72708 (MSN 10183) converted to SC-54D. 86379 converted to WB-29, named "Big Schmoo" and based at 373rd Recon Squadron (VLR) Wea at Kindley AFB, Bermuda.

Was 7th aircraft launched from USS Hornet, bombed Tokyo, ran out of fuel and ditched on coast near Shangchow Apr 18, 1942. (472nd BS, 334th BG) pulled up hard out of dive and wing snapped off Nov 29, 1942. 2278 (17th BG, 37th BS, "Fickle Finger Of Fate") was Doolittle raider. Bombed Yokohama, ran out of fuel, crew bailed out 40 mi NE of Chuchow Apr 18, 1942. Bombed Tokyo, ran out of fuel, crew bailed out SE of Chuchow Apr 18, 1942. Also reported as w/o May 17, 1942 at Columbia AAF, SC. Bombed Tokyo, ran out of fuel, bellylanded in rice paddy near Ningpo Apr 18, 1942 2293 damaged Jun 27, 1943 in takeoff accident at William Northern AAF, Tennessee 2295 (MSN 62B-2964) W/o Jun 17, 1942 at Myrtle Beach, SC 2297 (17th BG, 89th RS (432nd BS)) was Doolittle raider. Bombed Nagoya, ran out of fuel, crew bailed out SE of Shangjao Apr 18, 1942 2298 (47th BG, 95th BS, "Green Hornet") was Doolittle raider. Bombed Tokyo, ran out of fuel and ditched in Poyang Lake near Nanchang Apr 18, 1942. SOC Aug 23, 1945 2337 damaged Nov 2, 1942 in forced landint 38 St Airport, Miami, Florida 2338 to RAF as FK168. Eddie Allen, Bob Dansfield, 9 other crew, 22 in building and one city fireman were killed. 41-7344 Bell P-39F-1-BE Airacobra 7123,7177,7182,7183,7226,7230,7248,7266,7270/7272,7278,7294,7295,7299,7302,7303,7305,7309,7310, 7312,7318,7325,7326,6332,7334,7339 converted to P-39F-2 format 7116 condemned Oct 31, 1944 7117 (MSN 15B-2) W/o 14Sep 1942 at Dale Mabry Field, FL, to CL-26 at Lincoln, NB Sep 23, 1942 7118 (MSN 15B-3) W/o 24Mar 1942 at Florence, SC, surveyed Jul 1, 1942 7119 to RAAF as A53-. 86382 to the Martin Modification Center, Omaha, NB, for Code Silverplate conversion for the carriage of atomic weapons.

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I am an new RJ for a local radio station as well, talking about stuff I think I know a lot about (but you won't think that matching what my friends thinks too =p).

I have been an exchange student when I was 15, and my experiences from that and several after that bring me to the CS world, wanting to explore more there is to people and places. My laptop is full of half, quarter or even less finished stories that would never see a conclusion.

I don't really understand the terms (walas), but I assume it gives an indication to the types of guys she has come across while using Tinder in Pakistan.

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