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I’m very honored to support UVSC and will stand beside them every step of the way in their journey.

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I live in California with my amazing family, who inspires me on a daily basis.

I own a tattoo supply company, a tattoo shop and have starred and appeared on multiple tattoo based television shows.

My 3 younger brothers and I share a mother and a father.

Without a doubt in my mind, our entire family revolves around our mom. Our family all found out the stomach wrenching news together that she was diagnosed with breast cancer 14 years ago.

That is the year I received a phone call from my parents stating my father was diagnosed with stage 4 Kidney Cancer. But, my father has been given the gift of remission for the last seven years and now, I am on a quest to support foundations that focuses on assisting the families and scientific research of chronic illness, such as cancer. My name is Kanoa Leahey, and I've worked as a sports broadcaster in Hawaii for almost 20 years.

Without question, the man who has influenced me the most in my life and career is my father, Jim.

Without the immense rise in awareness, fundraising and accompanying research into this hideous disease, it would be hard to imagine that my parents would still be alive.

That is why I stand firm behind the efforts of UVSC in hoping to see many more stories of survival, like my mom and dad.

Her strength, positivity, perseverance, calmness, and confidence all played incredible rolls in her ultimately beating the cancer and keeping all her boys together through the most trying time of our young lives.

Seeing this whole process from the inside out has left my brothers and I with a very concise view our mother, that she is the strongest person that we will ever know.

And so he was right there to share his full experience and support to my mother, Toni, when she was diagnosed with stage-four breast cancer 3 years ago.

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