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Billing continues for the first seven days and subscriber maintains access to the digital portion of the subscription.

Credit is given after the initial seven-day period.

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An additional one-time .95 activation fee applies.After a typical night of dancing at the bar and drinking way more than I should’ve, we went back to his old trailer for sex.Jimmy wasn’t the biggest cock I’d had by far, but the boy knew what to do with his tongue.“Jimmy, stop jacking off your dog and help him mount me.” “What, I wasn’t…. I need to be fucked by that, now.” Jimmy grabbed a shirt off the floor and threw it over my back, then patted my ass.“Mount boy.” It wouldn’t occur to me to later that night that Jimmy had been fucked by man’s best friend before or he wouldn’t have covered my back.After a extra good tongue lashing, Jimmy was up behind me going for broke.

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