Jon gosselin dating deanna hummel

It was rumored that Jon stayed at home with the children, preferring not to share too much of their lives in the spotlight, while his wife relished all the attention.

More than 4 million viewers tuned in to “Jon and Kate Plus 8” each week and it was estimated the family earned ,000 to ,000 per episode, yet the growing tension between Jon and Kate visibly grew each season.

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Discovery Health Channel took notice of the family’s special situation – falling in love with the adorable Gosselin sextuplets – and featured them in the 2006 special, “Surviving Sextuplets and Twins.” The audience could not get enough of the family, so a follow-up aired on the channel a year later, titled “Surviving Sextuplets and Twins: One Year Later” (2007).

Having a hit on its hands, TLC took over and turned the Discovery Health specials into “Jon and Kate Plus 8,” a regular series which Jon and Kate narrated from the family’s basement.

Just a few days after they filed, Kate went on a media tour, even telling People magazine, "I believe it is a chapter that would have probably played out had the world been watching or not.” Jon, on the other hand, was spotted apartment hunting in New York City while his rumored younger girlfriend, Hummel, was reported to have a featured part in “Jon and Kate Plus 8” when the show returned in August 2009.

TLC announced the reason for the short hiatus was to give the family space to regroup during a difficult time.

A year later, she released the second book, Eight Little Faces .

Speaking engagements began with the couple and a few of the kids, but by 2009, Kate had done the majority of the public appearances.Date of birth : 1975-03-28 Date of death : - Birthplace : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U. Nationality : American Category : Arts and Entertainment Last modified : 2011-05-20 Credited as : Television personality, Jon & Kate Plus 8, is an American television personality.Gosselin achieved national recognition on the reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8, in which she and her then-husband Jon Gosselin are profiled as they raise their atypical family of sextuplets and twins. The couple married less than two years later on June 12, 1999.An estimated 10.6 million viewers tuned in, beating the show’s fifth season premiere by 800,000 viewers.The Gosselins kept the Pennsylvania house they shared with their kids and decided to take turns living there, ensuring that their children’s lives were not greatly affected by their divorce.During an hour-long broadcast on June 22, 2009, Jon and Kate publicly announced their separation on the very same day the couple had filed for divorce in a Montgomery County, PA court.

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