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The “Odessa” theory, popularized in the 1972 novel The Odessa File and 1974 movie of the same name, was that a secret group of former SS officers had banded together and was helping former Nazi officials to escape post-war Europe.

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Israel is represented by its ambassador in Zimbabwe.

In November 1980, Wwindhoek became a twin city with Kiryat Telshe Stone, a settlement outside Jerusalem.

“Many of them maintain the language and traditions of their forefathers,” the New York Times noted in 1985.

“Because of their strong cultural identity, the older German farming communities in southern Brazil and southern Paraguay have often been accused of harboring Nazis.

Today's population consists of approximately 100 Jews.

Israel and Namibia established diplomatic relations in 1994.

During the middle of the 19th century the De Pass brothers, Jewish merchants from Cape Town, established a trading post on the Nawaqualand Coast, becoming the first Jews in this southwest African area. In the late 19th century, when Namibia became a German colony, Jewish connections with the land grew much stronger.

Carl Fuerstenberg, a German Jewish banker and head of the Berliner Handellgesellschaft, was responsible for the development of the diamond industry.

He also organized the construction of a railway line from Luderitz Bay to Kubub.

Emil Rathenau created the German South West African Mining Syndicate and established a research company in 1907 for the study of irrigation problems.

Walter Rathenau was one of the two experts sent by Kaiser Wilhelm II to report on administrative reforms.

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