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Someone who has been married before generally is not plagued by fear of commitment.

Finally, although a number of 40-plus bachelors with the "right" qualifications may have finally decided to settle down, those with a strong desire for children may prefer to date younger women.

We started with a focus on the religious niche and later expanded to serve all Jews under the JWed brand.

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Have you and the other Jewish women you have seen at church events thought of mobilizing to open the eyes of Jewish leaders?

In the meantime, we'd like to offer suggestions to help you increase your chances of meeting suitable Jewish dates.

Frumster is the parent company of the JWed and Frumster online dating brands.

Our mission is to bring Jewish singles together in marriage.

It's important to cultivate relationships with your network and let the "members" know your goal of marriage and brief information about the type of man you're looking for.

You should also consider some of the better Internet dating sites, as well as community-run matchmaking services.

Most bachelors in their 40s have been involved in a long-term courtship, and their lives may be just as “complicated” as someone who has been married before.

In addition, many never-married men have not confronted the commitment-related fears or other issues which have kept them single.

"The Inner Circle - Seven Gates to Marriage" by Shaya Ostrov (Feldheim Publishers) gives a good analysis of the reasons behind this phenomenon, and suggests a 7-step process to help deal with the barriers that prevent many older singles from dating successfully.

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