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The applicant said he had a prescription for the drug.

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She had also spent 6 months in rehabilitation at Guthrie House, apart from 2 weekends per month.

Whilst there, she met all expectations of Guthrie House, including participation in the group work programme & taking responsibility for recovery from alcohol & drug dependence.

Guilty plea - history of abusing amphetamines from age of 12. Armed with a loaded revolver, the applicant entered a chemist shop in the early evening & asked the owner whether he kept morphine.

Failure to give effect to pre-sentence custody & quasi custody - approach to sentencing - inappropriateness of compensating for leniency involved in PD by extending term of imprisonment to be served - TILYARD, Douglas Malcolm - CCA, 29.1.2007 Adams, Howie & Price JJCitation: Tilyard v R [2007] NSWCCA 7 Sentence appeal. He was told the drug was not kept on the premises but had to be ordered.

The 2nd offence was the possession of $155,600 reasonably suspected of being stolen.

The 1st offence related to the possession of a compact disc specifically designed for the making of false passports.The informant travelled to Sydney & went to the bus depot with the co-offender & collected a box said to contain the money & placed the box in the co-offender's vehicle.The co-offender drove off & was arrested shortly thereafter.Police stopped the applicant, who was in another vehicle in the area.During a search of the vehicle, a box containing white powder was found packed inside a rice cooker.Parity - evaluation of roles - applicant's lesser role not reflected in sentence - justifiable sense of grievance.

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