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I quickly learned the bartender would let it be known that there was a hot slut at the adult motel, and to go over and purchase a ticket to get into the pool area.

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There were four males sitting in the chairs around the pool, so we walked by them slowly, Cheryl smiling with a hot look about her as we passed and greeted the men.

The four of them ogled my wife with hungry eyes as we passed them, my hand rubbing her ass as we went by.

As we entered the pool area, Cheryl removed her robe and draped it over her arm.

With her fuck-me high heels clicking on the cement, we slowly ambled around the pool, stopping to chat a moment or two with a couple who were in the hot tub.

I was hard by now and began pushing my cock deeper into her wet cunt. I pumped my cock in and out of her, our flesh slapping as we fucked.

I intentionally pistoned in and out of her at a fast pace, wanting to get off quickly in her and not allow her to climax.

I made reservations for one of the larger rooms at the adult motel on the east side of town, adding our name in the party book they kept at the front desk, which provided information on those who wished to meet other couples or single males.

I also picked up a couple of additional lights and tape so I could video the action.

“No need to clean up your nice cream pie, just put your suit on,” I said in a direct manner, wanting her to show off her nicely fucked pussy.

“Ok, I guess you want me to show off your fun time in my pussy.” She sort of chuckled, “Besides you left me hanging, on purpose! ” I patted her ass, then helped tie the string that held the top of her bikini.

“Well, I see I’m to be a porn star tonight,” Cheryl commented wryly as I setup some of the equipment, including the battery charger for the camera, and the new lights, which I placed on either side of the bed.

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