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Cornell features by far the largest undergraduate enrollment of any Ivy League school, with over 14,000 full-time students.

Its large size and unique blend of public and private funding differentiate Cornell from other Ivies, giving the university an atmosphere similar to that of a large public university.

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The diversity of the student body and the excitement of NYC provide for an intellectually stimulating undergraduate experience.

Cornell’s undergraduate experience is made unique by its seven undergraduate schools, including its highly ranked agriculture and engineering schools, as well as the completely distinctive School of Hotel Administration.

The Core Curriculum features a heavy emphasis on reading and writing, especially of classical literature; detractors of Homer beware!

With a record of student activism dating back to the protests of the 60’s and beyond, Columbia tends to attract students who are passionate about political engagement.

In general, the academic culture at Brown encourages exploration and experimentation, and it is specifically designed to allow students to branch out to areas outside their majors without fear of their GPAs suffering as a result.

Brown is also famous for being among the most progressive schools in the nation.Like Dartmouth, Cornell’s rural setting and the prevalence of Greek life stand in contrast to smaller, more urban Ivies.Campus life and recreational activities at Cornell take advantage of the natural setting and relative isolation of the campus.The suburban location and picturesque greenery of Dartmouth’s campus attract a more outdoorsy crowd than some of the other Ivies.Dartmouth is renowned for its commitment to and emphasis on undergraduate education, as evidenced in its decision to refer to itself as Dartmouth College despite being host to four graduate schools.Its location in New York City is also a huge draw for international students, as Columbia has the highest percentage of international students of any Ivy League school and among the highest of all schools in the country.

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