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This animal isn’t horsing around — he wants justice.

Stephen Wells, executive director of the Animal Legal Defense Fund, said in a statement that the lawsuit “simply expands” the Oregon Supreme Court’s previous recognition that animals should be considered victims in criminal animal cruelty cases.

I often get asked whether I’d recommend dashes or underscores for words in urls.

For urls in Google, I would recommend using dashes. To find out, let’s take a trip in the Google Time Machine.

The curtain rises: Matt: Hmm, this search for [FTP_BINARY] didn’t turn out the way I wanted.

I got a couple scuzzy looking urls, and the other documents just have the words “FTP” and “BINARY” but the term “FTP_BINARY” doesn’t actually appear.

An 8-year-old American quarter horse named — you guessed it — Justice is a plaintiff in a potentially groundbreaking lawsuit seeking $100,000 from his former owner for severe neglect, leaving the animal suffering from weight loss, a prolapsed penis from frostbite, lice and rain rot, according to the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

“As a result of this neglect, Justice was left debilitated and emaciated,” according to the 14-page lawsuit filed Tuesday by the organization on behalf of the horse.

Lots of computer programming languages have stuff like _MAXINT, which may be different than MAXINT.

So if you have a url like word1_word2, Google will only return that page if the user searches for word1_word2 (which almost never happens).

“These injuries will require special and expensive medical care for the remainder of his life.” The lawsuit against Justice’s former owner, Gwendolyn Vercher, claims that courts in Oregon have recognized that animals are victims and that victims have a right to seek legal remedies from their abusers.

“Justice is asking the Court to take these well-established rules to the logical next step and recognize that as a member of the class intended to be protected by Oregon’s anti-cruelty statute, Justice may bring a negligence per se claim based on the standard of care in the [state’s] anti-cruelty statute,” the lawsuit reads.

As part of her plea agreement, Vercher agreed to pay restitution solely for the cost of the horse’s care prior to July 2017.

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