Is justin bieber dating

But their young love was plagued by rumours of his infidelity. Justin has since revealed that songs What Do You Mean?

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Is justin bieber dating

There have also be regular reports of him bed-hopping with fans during his world tour.

Selena, however, has been a lot more selective about her romances.

But the last time he was photographed with a love interest was back in January, when he did hot Pilates with his on-off girlfriend Selena Gomez.

IT' S hard to keep up with showbiz romances - one minute they are off and the next they are back on.

It was rumoured in US reports that the split was due to Selena's mum Mandy Teefy but People magazine insists that this is not the case.

This latest "off" period is apparently due to disagreements and the stars' "own issues." The most recent split is baffling considering Justin and Selena repeatedly fuelled speculation they were back together after being spotted out on a number of occasions.

He featured her in his “Baby” music video in April 2010, which has since garnered 1.9 billion You Tube views.

According to Villegas, Bieber asked her mom for her phone number, which is how their nine-month relationship took off. “I got a couple middle fingers in the crowds, a little bit,” she said.

Ever since he rose to fame through his You Tube covers and released his debut EP in 2009, his love life has been under a microscope -- even at age 15.

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