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"I think sometimes when people have their own insecurities it allows them to act out of character.

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But following in the surprising footsteps of her tatted up ex rapper boo-thang, who gave a very candid interview about his views on marriage, Hollyweird relationships and a whole lote more earlier this year, the former Murder Inc. Check out a few interview excerpts below: On her new album “Braveheart:” “Yes.

A lot of people have been in a situation where they’ve been betrayed or lied to or taken advantage of.” On whether she planned to have kids with Nelly: “I mean, me and Nelly, we talked about a lot of things.

Oh boy, Monica had such a mouth on her; her tongue seemed to be everywhere at once, and with each touch of her tip Jennifer was shaking.

Her hands never stopped exploring as much of the young woman’s body as she could get to, and Jennifer knew that no one – NO ONE – had given her love button the kind of pleasing sucking that Monica had. ” Jennifer asked, curiosity overriding anger; she didn’t like interruptions.

Ariana Grande was the luckiest girl in the world to have this woman in her bed at night. It was beautiful and it was perfect, but it was also still covered. “Well-“ Monica started before wilting under Ariana’s glance as her lover flung the pouch down on the table, unintentionally missing Jennifer’s head. “I came by to drop them off, but now it looks like SOMEONE needs a lesson.” “Yes,” the Italian said meekly, starting to get up from between Jennifer’s legs. You’re right where I want you,” Ariana snapped, moving behind Monica.

As her cunt somehow managed to get warmer from her boss’s lip action, Jennifer vowed to do something about that the second she got off this table… “You will get to put anything up my culo you want to…” “Not before I do.” Underling and superior both whipped heads to the door; another young woman was standing there in a coat, holding a pouch and glaring at them. “And as for you, ho, how’d you like to get head from a real expert? so much.” Ashanti has to be the queen of dodging questions, but this might be the most she’s opened up about her personal life ever. He has to do what he has to do right now, and I have to do what I have to do right now, because sometimes you can distract each other.” On whether or not she would date a regular “UPS, bus-drivin’ dude: “I mean, Nelly used to be a UPS bus-driving dude [laughs].” On her current relationship with Nelly: “Yeah, we’re cool. We were great, and are great friends.” Even in all of her dancing around the question, it sounds like she all but admitted that Nelly got his dirty-dog on while they were together. You can check out the full interview below to hear more from Ashanti, including whether or not she’s ready for motherhood, her role on Army Wives, dating regular guys, who is featured on her new album, working with Irv Gotti and Ja Rule again, and more on her relationship with Nelly.“You like older women, I take it.” “Only the hot kind,” Jennifer laughed, freeing Monica’s exquisite boobs and rubbing and squeezing them with delight.She rubbed her own rack against them, happy to hear her boss sighing when their nipples touched, before licking each of Monica Bellucci’s generous breasts.Even if the rumours that she’d had a kid or two were true, there was still plenty of milk inside her; Jennifer pressed her face between them and shook her head back and forth.

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