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If you are either reeally pretty (and thin) or a remakable, fun and outgoing person, you should have no problems finding as many dates as you want.Sorting them out good from bad will be the bigger problem.I do not know whether there are any cutesy nicknames for San Diego (Sandy? It has been named one of the top 50 places to raise a famiily in the US.dating in OC is a disaster...

Thinking about moving there....and all input by residents or former residents is very appreciated! Of course if you look just like Barbie, then just go to the beach in a bikini and they will come to you.

Laguna Beach might get frustrating for you (too many nice good looking guys with no ring - and no interest in women).

On the otherhand if you are shy and reclusive, then it will be difficult (just like anywhere).

Orange COunty is one of those places that young people tend to flock to, so you tend ot find a younger than average population here. Do not call Orange COunty "The OC" and do not call California "Cali" A majority of residents seem to passionately hate both of those terms. Will take heed of my OC and Cali lingo when around Californians.

I have spent a few days now reading the posts on the Orange County forum and San Diego forum.......it seems like San Diego will be more my scene.

More affordable (which is very important) and kind of has it's own identity.

If you're looking for someone genuine to start a relationship with look elsewhere because it's rare in OC and you may be looking for quite a long time!

My mother moved to South Orange County in '91 and made her good friends and met men, one eventually becoming her husband, through tennis.

When you get a chance, visit the beaches and sea caverns at La Jolla and also visit the Del Coronoado hotel on Coronado Island.

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