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Would you like to write an apology letter to any of the minors? If you had not been stopped, you would have had sex with the minor is that correct? Do you use credit card services to purchase membership? Have you met in person with people you first encountered at a social networking site? IDENTIFYING THE EXPLOITED MINORS IN THE IMAGES -Who are the minors in the images? OFFENDER SUB-CULTURE -What are some of the search terms and phrases you use to find illegal child pornography? Do you have illegal child pornography in the computer now? Do you have illegal child pornography on any storage media? Do you have printed images of illegal child pornography? Have you had images of illegal child pornography in the computer previously? Estimate how many of your collected images contain children? Where do you store these images (home, office, rented storage locker, off-site computer storage)? What message would you like us to give to the actual victims of child pornography?

What nicknames and screen names to you use and why did you choose these? (floppy disk, CD, tape, Palm, cell phone, off-site storage at a web site or on someone else’s server).

What time of day do you normally log on to the Internet? Where else do you store pornographic images and where are these devices?

Do you store any of your equipment or storage media in other locations? If yes, who serviced the computer, when, where and why? Do you expose your genitals to others while using your web cam? What programs do you use for wiping or shredding data? Why did you choose that name, what significance does it have? Do you categorize your computer image files according to the sex acts being performed?

Do you own or utilize a hand-held personal electronic organizer like a Palm Pilot or Handspring Visor? Has the computer been serviced or repaired recently? Do you categorize your computer image files by the age of the person in the image?

Will you permit us to take over your screen name and assume your on-line identity?

(Obtain addresses of all other locations from which the suspect computes)What level of computer expertise do you have? Address, phone number of business What is your position and job description? (get full information on all prior marriages)Girlfriend/boyfriend (get full info)Children (get full information on all children including those from prior marriages and girlfriends children)EMPLOYMENT & TRAVEL -Where are you employed? PEER TO PEER -Do you use any on-line storage services to save files? How often do you view adult pornography on the Internet? What percentage of your pornographic image collections depict adults only? Do you think that someone who enjoys adult pornography will automatically begin to start also enjoying illegal child pornography? Are we going to find any adult pornography on your computer? Do you have any adult pornography stored on your computer, floppy diskettes or other media? What is the password for the encryption, and is there more than one password? During what hours of the day is the computer normally used? Home, business, public library, public computercafé, friend’s house?

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