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Here's what they learned from the women, who ranged in age from 17 to 40 (average age 29): Might the women's cultural background have affected their experiences? Pauleta and colleagues note that previous studies found that many women in Pakistan and Nigeria believe sex during pregnancy widens the vagina and makes childbirth easier, and that many women in Iran believed sex during pregnancy would blind the child or rupture a female fetus's hymen.In a comment on the study, Irwin Goldstein, MD, director of sexual medicine at San Diego's Alvarado Hospital, stressed the importance of continuing sexual intimacy during pregnancy.Updated July 11/2018; To look for a non-book abbreviation or glossary entry, go to the Search form and follow instructions.

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They gave anonymous, structured questionnaires to 188 women who had just given birth at Santa Maria University Hospital in Lisbon, Portugal.

Pauleta and colleagues did not interview women for whom sex during pregnancy would have been risky: those with placenta previa, multiple fetuses, cervical incompetence, or risk of premature labor. FM Slash FM Slavonski Radio Slay Radio Slovensky rozhlas - Devín Slovensky rozhlas - FM Slow Radio Slows radio Small Radio Smart FM Smash Radio Smash! 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FM - Reggae Trade 100 Chill 100 XR 100% NL 100.5 FM Cordoba 101 FM (Australie) 101 FM (Israël) 101 Radio 101.3 Sea FM 101- Autoradio Disco 80 101- Autoradio Music 101- Autoradio Parodies Parade 101- Background Ambient 101- Background Breath of Nature 101- Background Chill Out 101- Background Cinema Music 101- Background Easy Listening 101- Background Erotic 101- Background Instrumental 101- Background Love Songs 101- Background New Age & Enigmatic 101- Background Office Lounge 101- Background Smooth Jazz 101- Classic Opera 101- Classic Pop Classical Music 101- Classic Spivakov Classic 101- Gold Abba 101- Gold Alla 101- Gold Aria 101- Gold BG & Aquarium 101- Gold Boney M 101- Gold DDT 101- Gold DDT2 101- Gold Depeche Mode 101- Gold Elvis Presley 101- Gold Kinomania 101- Gold Michael Krug 101- Gold Mickael Jackson 101- Gold Modern Talking 101- Gold Philip 101- Gold Pink Floyd 101- Gold Queen 101- Gold Scorpions 101- Gold The Beatles 101- Gold The Rolling Stones 101- Gold Time Machine 101- Gold U2 101- Gold Wolrd of tender 101- Humor Anecdote 101- Humor Classics Genre 101- Humor Non-Stop 101- Kids Baby Box 101- Kids Grigory Gladkov 101- Kids Lullaby 101- NRJ Breakbeat 101- NRJ Club Dance 101- NRJ Drum&Bass 101- NRJ Electro 101- NRJ Gangsta & Hip-Hop 101- NRJ Hot Traxx 101- NRJ House 101- NRJ In The Mix 101- NRJ Jump 101- NRJ Progressive 101- NRJ Psy & Goa Trance 101- NRJ R'n'B 101- NRJ Rock 101- NRJ Russian Dance 101- NRJ Techno 101- NRJ Trance 101- Rock 101- Rock Guitar 101- Rock Koleso 101- Rock Remakes 101- Rock Thrash Zone 101- Russian 90's 101- Russian Caucasus Hits 101- Russian Chanson 101- Russian Ethnic 101- Russian Folk 101- Russian Military Song 101- Russian Rap 101- Russian Reggae 101- Russian Rock 101- Russian Sacred Music 101- Russian Song Author 101- Russian Songs 101- Russian Stars Factory 101- Russian Tears of Love 101- Russian Top 50 101- Russian USSR 30-50 101- Russian USSR 50-60 101- Russian VIA 101- Russian W-2 101- Style 90's Dance 101- Style 90's Gold 101- Style Blues 101- Style Cats & Dogs 101- Style Country 101- Style Cyber Space 101- Style Disco 101- Style Emo 101- Style Experimental 101- Style Funk & Soul 101- Style Jazz 101- Style Live Concerts 101- Style Live Hits 101- Style Mainstream 101- Style Musicals 101- Style Regggggey 101- Style Rock'n'Roll 101- Style Swing 101- World Arabian Music 101- World Armenia 101- World Euro Hits 101- World French Mosaic 101- World Gypsy Music 101- World J-Radio 101- World Latino 101- World New York 101- World Orient Music 101- World Pop Italia 101- World Ukrainian 101INN News Channel 102FM Réunion 103 Radio 103.7 Unser Ding 104.6 RTL 105 Classics 105 Classics Radio 105 Dope 105 Original 105.3 – The Fan (KRLD-FM) (Texas) 1050 Chum 1050 ESPN 106!

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