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It’s an important principle of x API that no two activities are ever referenced by the same ID.

By definition an ID corresponds one to one with the logical activity it identifies.

For now, we’ll keep our focus on activities as objects.

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If you don’t find the pieces that you’re looking for in The Registry, let us know. At the simplest level, x API statement structure can be expressed in the form of “actor verb object”.

An example of this sort of statement is “Sally experienced ‘Solo Hang Gliding'”.

In the technical introduction to x API, we outlined some basic concepts about statements.

Here we’ll take a deeper look into the structure of statements, and discover their utility in capturing experiences.

Imagine a consolidated view of your activity across all the systems with which you interact.

Though you tweeted using @yourhandle on Twitter, when you see the whole of your activity, you see the experience more in the terms that you tweeted, the same “you” that took ‘Solo Hang Gliding’ and the same “you” that read Hang Gliding Training Manual.All activities must be uniquely defined by an URI, and can optionally include descriptive information.Let’s take another look at the object from our example statement: This is an activity uniquely identified by its “id” field.It is possible for that logical definition of an activity to become muddled if identifiers are chosen poorly, eg: “hang gliding, swimming, and question #4”, but it is still one logical activity.For this reason, creators of activity IDs must be careful to only create activity IDs using domains they control, or have been given a path within that domain to control, and must establish a scheme to ensure uniqueness within that domain. Unless you are also making example statements which are never intended to convey any real meaning to anyone, don’t do that.Back to top ▲ Verbs in x API are URIs, and should be paired with a short display string.

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