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Most of us are working or look like we’re working, but some people are off-topic and they’ve gotten somewhat loud.) Teacher: “You’re supposed to be doing math. ” Student: “I don’t like this problem…” Teacher: “I said math, not whining.” (It is my birthday.She is usually anywhere from four to six minutes late.

Intimidating volleyball quotes

You're NOT a good coach when you tell your athletes that under no circumstances are they ever to tell their parents what really goes on in practice, and that if they do, they are being disloyal and disrespectful to their teammates coach and the program!

Coaches who tell their athletes these kinds of things are terribly misguided and are trying to hide something.

(In my government class, we are learning about the First Amendment and how schools can restrict the rights of students. The previous night, I had baked a giant cookie and had my mom, a wedding cake decorator, help me decorate it.

In one supreme court case, a student was suspended for holding a ‘bong hits 4 Jesus’ sign along the Olympic torch route.) Teacher: “Even though this student obviously just wanted to attract attention, the supreme court decided that he was promoting drug use so the suspension was constitutional. The cookie turned out extremely well, decorated ornately with icing.

Does it help that individual feel good about themselves? I don't care what kind of pressure to win that you face from the administration.

If winning is your primary goal as a coach you have significantly lost your way and as a consequence, you'll actually win less!When you treat preadolescent and adolescent athletes disrespectfully you are NOT a good coach. They value their students and make them feel that value, both as learners and individuals.Your position and reputation should not determine whether you get respect from your team.What they're trying to hide is their abusive behaviors!Telling kids not to ever tell their parents is what child abusers tell their victims!When you do this you are directly putting your players at risk. There is nothing safe about being on a team when you are picked on or ostracized by your teammates.

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