Intimidating pick up lines

Jane offers a hand down to ERIK SELVIG (60) who emerges as well, rubbing his head. But last week it was a rolling rainbow ribbon-- SELVIG (GENTLY TEASING) "Racing "round Orion?

Intern DARCY LEWIS (20) hands Jane a bottle of Champagne and a pair of gloves through the window.

intimidating pick up lines-49

SUV 5 Jane grins, thrilled, pumped with adrenaline.

Up ahead, spiraling down from out of the clouds comes -- AN ENORMOUS TORNADO Suffuse with the strange rainbow light, ROARING like a thousand freight trains as it touches down.

In slo-mo, we recognize the unmistakable shape of the God of Thunder. The cup smashes, the alcohol causes the fire to glow intensely -- and, for a moment, brightly lit, and seen full length, like a King to be, is THE MIGHTY THOR. LOKI As I recall, I was the one who veiled us in smoke to ease our escape.

Banners hang on either side to form a corridor down the middle of the fire lit room. A huge figure silhouetted against the bright light beyond walks forward. The Attendant approaches with another goblet of wine for Thor. EELS pour over the sides of the goblet, slithering out and across the terrified Attendant's hand.

She cups her hands around his face, as if willing the life back into him.

Darcy slams on the brakes, Jane turns the wheel hard to avoid him. A paralyzed moment, then they all leap out of the car. BIFROST LANDING SITE (EARTH) 12 The three race from the SUV with flashlights. He's dressed in tattered clothing, charred and blackened. He is magnificently handsome, long blonde hair flowing around his classically sculpted features. She looks deep into his confused, azure eyes, which at last focus on her own. JANE (CONT'D) The last seventeen occurrences have been predictable to the minute... Something catches Darcy's eye out the driver's side mirror. In the distance, ODD GLOWING CLOUDS form in the skies over the Northeastern end of the desert. She shows him a complicated CHART she's drawn in the book, tracking occurrences and patterns. It seems to be out of synch temporally with the rest of the world, leaving a trail as it moves. FRIGGA For once, our son needs something we cannot provide. ODIN I've destroyed demons and monsters, devastated whole worlds, laid waste to mighty kingdoms, and still you worry for me? As Thor approaches, the horn shapes move, and then, from the shadows at the side, emerges LOKI, wearing his horned headpiece. They stand by a brazier at the foot of steps that lead up to the crowded throne room. Jane opens a well-worn NOTEBOOK of handwritten notes and calculations. JANE The anomalies are always precipitated by geomagnetic storms.

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