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In summary, it's not that much of a racial thing as it is a cultural problem I guess there is nothing wrong with interracial dating/marriage.

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For them, it looks like "isnt there enough pretty black babes out there? "Here in the States, Bibi, most black men are saying that black women are only looking for someone to pay their bills. in essence she doesn't need a man to handle business for her.

We define a "strong black woman" as one who is financially stable, has her own benefits (medical, dental), has her own place, doing well in her job, has goals, is working to always better herself. She is well off independent so whomever joins with her must be ready to face a woman who's life will not end if "he's" not around.

Second: I really - and I mean really - hate the term 'Jungle Fever'.

It's derogatory and it carries very negative connotations. it depends on how strong the love between the two partners is,on how easy/difficult it is to overcome the objections of the environment and how willing the partners are to overcome the cultural differences.

Understanding, acceptance and compromise on these issues is what it needed.

That means compromise from both partners and a willingness to go against the opinions of the family if necessary When there is true love, the problems with the racist attitudes of the environment can be overcome, but working out the cultural differences requires a level of openness, commitment and understanding that is rare in relationships, even between partners of the same race.

Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Romance / Interracial Dating & Marriage ("Jungle Fever") (8720 Views) Dating /marriage / Interracial Relationships - Somalis Caribbean And Somalis Other Africans / Matured Cute Busty Lady Needed For Serious Dating/marriage (1) (2) (3) (4) Lets talk about "Jungle Fever"Ive seen many movies and many situations whereby a black guy is dating a white girl.

This is often referred to as Jungle fever (interrracial relationships - usually used in black/white relationships).

The same reaction I see in black ladies mostly, who frown rather hard when they see a black guy with a white lady.

Does a black/white relationship have to be a disease?

What then do you call the black guys who marry white woman for the purpose of obtaining a green card ?

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