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You see, there's two kinds of games going on out there - the games we play with other people, and the ones we play in our own heads.

The rhyme scheme in "Wild Nights" is typical of Emily Dickinson's poetry.

In each stanza the second and fourth lines rhyme, though in the second stanza the rhyme is a good example of a near rhyme.

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Skyline stone is a mix of granite and sandstone called granite schist.

While Thomas Wentworth Higginson, one of Dickinson's mentors, was preparing the first edition of her poems in 1890, he wrote to Mabel Loomis Todd, the co-editor: "One poem only I dread a little to print - that wonder 'Wild Nights,' - lest the malignant read into it more than that virgin recluse ever dreamed of putting there. They also create the feeling that control has been given up. In the second and third stanzas there is less regularity.

The third stanza completes the amorous, watery imagery. Several lines start with a trochee, a two syllable group with the first syllable being accented.The colors blend beautifully with any outdoor landscape or architectural structures.Skyline Quarry has provided quality raw and cut stone for more than 60 years. The Poem"Wild Nights" can be interpreted several different ways, but the most obvious interpretation is that the poem expresses love, passion, and sexual desire. "Each stanza of the poem is a short quatrain, four lines.Emily Dickinson was masterful at being able to describe life's mysteries in imaginative ways with an economy of words. The marine terms used in each line of the second stanza create the nautical metaphor. Each line in the first stanza has two groups of two syllables with the second syllable of each group being accented.Schist is a metamorphic rock that comes in almost infinite variety, but its main characteristic is hinted at in its name: schist comes from the ancient Greek for “split”.

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