Internet dating problems high school dating stages

The same situation happens to not only students but also to users at any age.

One significant feature of Internet is the unlimited sources of information.

This feature benefits users by quick access to needed info at ease.

They prefer to discuss over Messenger, Viber or other apps available on the Internet.

The idea of taking face to face is becoming a tough decision.

Obviously, with the universal access to information and an interactive mechanism to communicate that Internet offers, it is no hard to understand why people all around the world get addicted to it.

E- Commerce, E- Business and E- Marketing are phenomena that appear as the result of the Internet invasion.

So, what exactly are these problems and how do they affect our society.

Together with, let figure out the answers hidden in this article.

The negative effects will be worse on teenagers, especially on those who are in puberty with all the vulnerability and sensitiveness.

There is a positive relationship proved between cyber bullying and suicidal attempts by victims.

It sounds quite ironic when the lack of face to face communication is mentioned as one of the negative effects of Internet because the Internet is supposed to bring people closer.

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