Internet dating arrest american woman dating israeli man

Another woman, Rita Love, befriended a man she knew as "Scott Egil" in March this year.

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Ifediora also faced charges of conspiracy to commit fraud and contravening the Immigration Act.

He confessed that he entered the country with a study visa based on false representations to home affairs.

He had been taking chronic medication for the incurable disease for years.

Western Cape Hawks spokesperson Captain Lloyd Ramovha welcomed the sentence.

Italian financial police arrested ten suspected members of a criminal gang involved in internet scams to fleece company cash and trick people on dating websites, Europe's police agency said on Tuesday.

More than 130 members of the Guardia di Finanza, assisted by Europol and the FBI, swooped on 32 locations to arrest the suspects, mainly Nigerian citizens, and retrieve €2.5 million (.7 million), Europol said in a statement.He told her he was raised in Germany and a widower, with one son attending medical school.She sent him an Apple computer, an i Phone and an Apple Watch after he phoned her to say his gadgets had been stolen.The two women in their 50s, both from Texas in the USA, sent him expensive gadgets and money.Ifediora did not have a job, but entered the country with a degree in sociology."Money is therefore inadvertently transferred to bank accounts controlled by the criminal group members who then send the money abroad and ultimately withdraw it as cash," Europol said.

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