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The advantage of ready-made laminated board is that it does not shrink.Wood expands and contracts in various ways, and its strength can vary axially, radially, or tangentially; by blocking the wood—i.e., glueing pieces of wood together in different directions—such differences are eliminated and equal strength is obtained both longitudinally and laterally.An Egyptian folding stool dating from about 1500 fulfills the same functional requirements and possesses the same basic features as a modern one.

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Veneering is done on carcass wood, either in the form of a solid surface or a surface composed of several layers glued together.

Old furniture is nearly always veneered on solid wood of an inferior quality to the veneer, such as beech, oak, or deal.

The characteristic feature of laminated board is that the veneer on both sides encloses a wooden board composed of narrow strips of wood glued together on edge.

The board is therefore thick enough to be suitable for table tops or doors.

A small amount of furniture from ancient civilizations has been preserved in extreme environments, such as the dry desert of Egypt or the water-logged soils of England.

These surviving pieces have proved that the craft of furniture making has remained relatively consistent for centuries.…

It would hardly be possible to achieve such a surface by using solid wood, partly because of the expense, partly because of its brittleness, and partly because the grain can never be shown off to its best advantage when the timber is cut into solid boards.

The practice of veneering furniture has been known since the time of pharaonic Egypt, but it was not fully exploited until the beginning of the 18th century.

Colours range from white, yellow, green, red, brown, gray to black through countless intermediary tones.

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