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You’ve spent your life fishing in the sea of women, casting your line but never getting a good catch.

After so many wasted attempts, you feel pretty defeated.

When it comes to the bedroom, women can be pretty picky, and that’s why it’s important to (once again) communicate with your woman about her penchants and her peeves.

They need someone to stand up for them as an equal partner.” You heard it, men: be confident, but not confident.

Of course, a poll by Astroglide wouldn’t be much of a poll if it didn’t include sex.

The list was compiled using actual responses from the company’s Twitter followers, so this is some advice that has been tested in the real world.

The results, both discerning and entertaining, provide better insight into that age-old question of what women want.

Don’t even try the black socks and sandals routine.4.

Women don’t typically want to talk with their current man about the number or certainly not the “size” of any of their past partners. They like genuine questions that show their man truly cares about their wellbeing.At first, this may seem a bit confusing, but it can be easy.The first and most important step to understanding women is communication.Either way, it seems that the key to discovering your woman’s inner-fantasies rests with communication and understanding.Women are different than men, of course, but they’re not as unattainable, mysterious, or complicated as we think (or as they may want us to think).Even more so, proving to your woman that you’re a secure and self-assured man provides her with a sense of stability by reassuring her of your manliness.

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