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According to a survey, Indian girls are more hardworking and intellectually capable than other girls as they have a strange sense of responsibility.

Moreover, they are really fond of watching Bollywood romantic movies therefore; they visit cinema houses in Qatar regularly during their holidays.

Traveling and recreation at different sites is their favorite diversion from their monotonous routines.

Moreover, it would be a false impression of Indian girls to call them exclusively home makers.

As they are potentially stronger working woman as compared to the girls inhabited in Qatar.

The Indian beauties living in Qatar are cooking connoisseurs therefore; they prefer making everything at home as they are too much concerned and bothered about their family health.

Thus, it can be assumed that Indian girls are compassionate, thoughtful and considerate house girls as they are strictly bound to their moralistic values even as an outsider in Qatar.

We will get together to watch Bollywood, dance, eat, and discuss the latest Bollywood films and news.

if you want to make new friends and have a love of Indian culture then this will be the group for you!

Moreover, Indian girls of Qatar look for guys irrespective of his ethnicity as they love diversity of cultures and languages.

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