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It was reported that when Ibanez bought up all the TS9's they could find in preparation for reissuing it in 1992, only 5-10% of the TS9's had the early JRC4558D chip.

But Stevie used TS9's longer than any other variant.

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Oddly, they both have a large dent on the top left corner of the Ibanez name plate.

Neither TS-9 has the serial number sticker still attached.

The CE marking, indicating compliance with EU safety directives, started to appear sometime after 1993.

With regard to the TS9, this would lead to the logical assumption that a silver label with no CE mark must be original, but this isn’t necessarily so, since the TS9 reissue dates back to at least 1992.

I am not aware of any evidence that Stevie went back to the 808 after he got the TS9 in 1982.

The photo shows Stevie used a TS9 on the Japan tour in January 1985, and the equipment carnt for the tour lists two Tube Screamers.After the song, he would run out and disconnect it!Then in 1982, guitar tech Donnie Opperman introduced Stevie to the Tube Screamer from his experience with Joe Walsh.Why Stevie's tone became associated with the 808 is anyone's guess.It is a bit of a nit to pick since the 808 and early 9's like this one had the same chip.TS9's appear in other photos until late 1988 when Stevie was using a TS10.

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