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And, no; I do not believe I'm taking them out of context - go read the relevant sections for yourself.

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An intelligent, well-trained Boy Who Lived comes to Hogwarts and Albus Dumbledore is thrown for a loop.

Watch as Harry figures out his destiny as a large threat looms over the horizon, unknown to the unsuspecting magical population. Rose Potter, trouble-magnet extraordinaire, finds herself waking up in the past after an accident at work. Blood Feud: Set in third year Dobby helps Sirius Black improve Harry's year at Hogwarts.

However, the nature of fan fiction (where an author will normally update a chapter at a time) has blown that right out the window.

Whenever my muse has decided to go on vacation I'm left reading the works of others. I can see them falling in lust, but there's no possible combination where Ron and Hermione could work.

Ron, however, was so two-bloody-dimensional - shallow - I expected him to blow away like a sheet of parchment.

No, I'd have had Ron blasted through the Veil of Death; not Sirius. As for Harry, I could have seen him developing a relationship with any number of girls. I knew you would when I left you on your aunt and uncle's doorstep.

But when the unexpected happens her plan to bring Nourishment to her paitents body soon starts to bring nourishment to his soul. Harry is struck with the killing curse and wakes up the day of the Last Task. Seven years after defeating Voldemort, Harry Potter has been raising his godson, Teddy Lupin with the help of Teddy's grandmother, Andromeda Tonks.

Rate M for adult themes so don't read if don't like. This story will be the Order of The Phoenix if Harry had been a bit wiser and Luna a more present character. What will happen when Fawkes the Phoenix pulls this happy, war-weary family back in time for a chance at a better future. No paradox.*What We Lost* is the sister fic without time-travel.

They included, Hannah (who stuck up for him in Co S and in the DA), Susan, and Luna (). People may think I'm being unfairly harsh - and I received a number of 'hate' reviews for making Dumbles look like a bad guy in 'Five years ago you arrived at Hogwarts, Harry, safe and whole, as I had planned and intended. I knew I was condemning you to ten dark and difficult years."The magic I evoked fifteen years ago means that Harry has powerful protection while he can still call this house 'home.' However miserable he has been here, however unwelcome, however badly treated, you have at least, grudgingly, allowed him houseroom."That is definitely not the actions of a person who really cared for Harry.

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