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The Hutterites are an Anabaptist group, along with the Amish and the Mennonites.Jacob Hutter founded the religion in central Europe in the middle 1500s.

However, since about 1980, some modernizing influences have been noted.

Parents now toilet-train their children at about age two rather than at three months; nursing may go all the way to the second birthday, but solid foods are introduced somewhere between six and twelve months (Ingoldsby 2001), whereas it used to be as early as one month after birth (Hostetler 1974).

Each community, or Bruderhof (a colony within a Leut), is administered by a council of six men, usually elected for life. There is also a business manager, a farm boss, and a German teacher (Kephart 1976).

They live in apartment buildings of their own making.

The society is patriarchal, and kinship is patrilineal and patrilocal, so men have lifelong association in the same community while women usually leave their colony of birth at marriage.

They have maintained the extended family, with three or four generations in the same community, but not necessarily under the same roof.

The sequence and details of childcare were originally described by Hutterite leader Peter Riedemann in 1545 and are basically still followed.

Because Hutterites generally adhere to the old rules, their childcare has changed far less than that of the outside world and remains generally untouched by Freudian psychology and other thinking (Huntington 1997).

They now have colonies in Montana and eastern Washington as well.

Originally craftsmen, they turned to agriculture when the Industrial Revolution made their skills obsolete (Peter 1971).

The Hutterites live together in communities and speak a German dialect as well as English.

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