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The Broncos’ reward was a date with the first-place Nipawin Hawks, their longtime rival.

After squeezing out a victory in Game 3 of that best-of-seven series, the Broncos were down 2-1 when they laced up their skates for Game 4 on home ice: the famed Elgar Petersen Arena (EPA), named in honour of Humboldt’s most tireless volunteer.

It hit the goalie on the shoulder, bounced up, and trickled in behind him. The professionalism of Humboldt, they put their heads down and skated off the ice. Muench, the Humboldt mayor: The disappointing part is we outplayed them that game, especially in overtime. Now the result of those games is absolutely minuscule.

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Herold: We wondered if we would stay after the game to talk to Adam. Brayden Klimosko, former Broncos player and assistant coach: I was born and raised in Humboldt. Everyone knows each other, everyone is friendly towards each other. The first thing you see when you drive into Humboldt, from the highway, is the rink.

It’s a three-hour drive home [to Montmarte, Sask.], but we did stay. Rob Muench, Humboldt mayor: The Humboldt team used to be called the Humboldt Indians, for years, since the 1940s. Somebody in the organization knew someone in Swift Current, and knew the Swift Current Broncos got new sweaters and they had old ones they weren’t using anymore.

Al Gaetz, former Broncos general manager and longtime season-ticket holder: All the boys dyed their hair yellow.

If they got by Nipawin they would have dyed it green. Doug Johnson, Nipawin head coach: It was a roller coaster of a game.

Basically, it looked like he fanned on it or put it in [the goalie’s] pads.

Wyonzek: After the penalty shot, the fans went nuts. Then Humboldt ended up taking another penalty shortly after that. Doerksen: [Grant] Baetsen got a borderline hit from behind from [Nick] Shumlanski, an awkward hit along the boards.But the ice was wet because it was right at the start of the period.He went down and I don’t know if the puck bounced, but he didn’t get a shot.I remember hesitating for a split second thinking to myself: ‘Holy shit.Are you going to call a penalty shot in triple overtime? Salamon: I don’t think there’s a person in the rink that didn’t think it was going to be a penalty shot.It was about as easy as a penalty shot you could call.

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