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"The very first thing she asked me was, 'So how old are you again?

'" He came clean about being 30 and it was not well received.

He tried to do it quietly, but it was in the tabloids immediately.

In the middle of having sex, Memet admitted he felt himself losing his erection, so he made a snap judgment on how to handle the situation."I faked that I was coming again," he revealed.

"It's fucked up but it's just with condoms.""Dude, I can't take this.

Interesting post about John Popper's new book where he claims Beth introduced herself to him as Howard's "secret girlfriend" while he was appearing on Letterman.

That would mean they were dating secretly for over a year before he divorced Alison:

Memet didn't disagree with Ronnie's advice, but he has other ideas on how to deal with his personal problem."I've decided, you know, I think I'm just going to take a break for a little while," Memet said, explaining that some time away from dating will do him good."Oh, here we go again! "You take these breaks and then you blame everybody else for bumming you out.""That's my problem. "When I come back, I'm going to be better than ever," Memet said. That's all.""His head's so clear, there's nothing in it," Howard joked.

I have low self-esteem and, when I sort of embarrass myself like that, I would rather just walk away," Memet explained.

Not really the scandal it's being made out to be.

Yeah 'cause John Popper is such a reliable source. I think he's proven that just by his appearances on the show.

"I think what happened the second time was even more traumatic for me."Condoms have caused Memet some struggles in the past.

While he was able to get off on the first go-around with this girl, the second time was a different story.

You didn't know Howard and Beth were dating in 1998. First, I won't take Popper's claim as true.

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