Chat rooms for adults - How to stop wmp updating media

Windows Media Player is a free digital media player developed by Microsoft.

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You can try and update the driver using Windows, but the best way is usually via the manufacturer's website.

If there is a more recent version available, then download and install it to see if this is the root cause of WMP freezing or crashing.

Maybe you need a little upgrade or something else is dragging down WMP.

Look for the power tools package which contains a number of other features for windows media player.

Go to the Windows Media download page (see Resources).

Select "Windows Media Player" in the Select Download box.As previously mentioned, the most likely cause for this problem is an issue with the driver for your graphics card.The current driver installed on your system could be outdated or contain bugs for example.Full screen mode is also useful if you want to use WMP's visualizations while listening to your music library.However, just like most software programs, there can be problems with WMP when switching to this special video mode.If the above method doesn't work then you may want to try a registry hack.

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