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You can vastly improve your own work environment and morale when you increase your ability to deal with the people at work.

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I like the 52 weeks challenge but I modify it: I do whichever one I can at the time basically whatever cash I have since I rarely have cash and cross out that week.

Reply 43 Tushar Everything Finance January 10, at The easiest is by far the change jar. Money January 13, at 1: Reply 46 jane savers solving the money puzzle January 11, at 6: It is easy to not pay anything for entertainment or clothes for 3 months but the cold weather is costing me double in gas for my car.

Reply 30 Angella January 10, at Great ideas all around! Especially for those who have a better chance of giving up not you, of course ;.

Plus, just having fewer possessions is totally its own reward. One thing I loved doing as a kid is when it got super full, rolling all the change and depositing it into my bank account. Reply 39 Micro January 10, at 5: I do like the idea of tracking all your expenses though.

Money January 10, at 9: But watch out for Amazon!!!! Reply 23 Heather January 10, at I avoid Amazon temptation by using the Wish List to apply my day rule.

If there is something I want I put it on the wish list for 30 days and then reassess.Reply 29 ljm July 6, at I force people to give me change, and I also ask for rolls at grocery stores every so often.I also throw small bills in a large plastic container.Money January 10, at I have a rule like that for tattoos: Reply 25 Heather January 10, at I work in HR!Reply 27 Kevin Vesga January 10, at Coin Star machines have a hefty fee unless you exchange for a gift card and my credit union does not accept rolled coins.The results were very revealing and — as you suggest — helped me not only gain a a better handle on my finances but also significantly reduce my monthly spending. Money January 14, at It was the same when the Little Skints were babies — those babycare manuals used to advise keeping close track of daily schedules to iron out sleep problems etc — the very thought of filling in the schedules made ME want to go for a nap. My best way is just figuring out an amount to live on, and direct depositing the remainder into savings.

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