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In India, the coal-rich states have some of the lowest rates of electricity access in the country.Local renewable energy sources - such as mini-grid and off-grid solutions like as small-scale solar PV and wind - not only offer a more affordable and practical solution for many communities, they are free of many other devastating impacts associated with coal.Yet when it comes to taking action, many developing countries are leaving Australia for dust.

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The remoteness and poor transport reduced people's access to employment and other economic opportunities.

On the other hand, renewable energy has proven to be a catalyst for jobs, local economic growth and a more equitable model of development around the world.

As a wealthy developed country, we must also do our part to support developing countries with their own renewable energy plans.

With the adoption of the UN Sustainable Development Goals to be launched in September and the Paris climate conference at the end of the year, 2015 will be a defining year for sustainable development and international climate action.

Over the past year, the coal industry has become increasingly strident in mounting its case that coal is the beacon of hope for the more than one billion people living in poverty who still lack access to electricity.

If the rhetoric of the industry is to be believed, exporting more and more of our coal to countries including India will provide safe, reliable electricity to poor people, as well as continued prosperity for Australia.

Failure to recognise these rapid shifts in the global energy landscape and to begin embracing our abundant renewable energy opportunities will damage the Australian economy and cost Australians dearly.

Australia's first responsibility is to phase out coal from our own energy supply over time.

In Bangladesh, 3.5 million households have gained access to electricity through solar home systems, leading to better lives.

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